I speak at international conferences on topics ranging from geometry for digital design, mathematical illustration, 3D machine learning, geometric robustness, and various topics in discrete geometry. I also enjoy speaking at events promoting the participation of women and girls in STEM.

Selected Talks


Lattice Geometry for Industrial Applications: New Methods in Prediction and Validation

A talk about machine learning on lattice geometry, and an introduction to the Metafold printing technology.

AECTech Symposium 2019

Robust Geometric Algorithms: A Data-Driven Approach

A talk about geometric robustness, and the need for collaborative approaches to data in the architecture industry.

Illustrating Geometry and Topology, ICERM 2019

Geometric Expression -- Tools for Visual Mathematics

A talk about different ways of creating mathematical illustrations

SmartGeometry 2018 Keynote

Geometric Deep Learning

A talk about 3D machine learning for the architecture industry.