Geometry + Design + Materials + Interdisciplinarity

I am presently working on problems in 3D machine learning, especially learning the structure-property relationship for 3-dimensional geometries. I'm particularly interested in the properties of lattices, microstructures and metamaterials.

Previous work focused on design-sensitive offsetting of 3D mesh geometry for CAD applications in architecture. My doctoral research focused on describing a theory of rigidity for periodic frameworks. This is loosely related to the study of zeolites. My masters thesis was about Penrose tilings, but mostly it was about pictures.

I'm also interested in other problems in design computation, architectural geometry, shape modelling, discrete geometry, scientific simulation, tilings, computational geometry, and problems with a discrete flavour that have applications to biology, materials science and crystallography. I'm very interested in the idea and practice of interdisciplinarity, and I've collaborated with mathematicians, computer scientists, architects, artists, engineers, physicists and geologists.

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